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April 2014 Archives

Fatal injury of child will not be reported in primary NHTSA stats

Approximately two weeks ago, a 4-year-old boy died after his neighbor backed a motor vehicle over the top of him. Unfortunately, tragic car accident deaths like this happen frequently in Tennessee. Nevertheless, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) does not report this kind of fatal injury in its national traffic fatality numbers. This is because driveway back-over deaths are not categorized as in-traffic accidents.

Tennessee explosion causes 1 death and 3 injured workers

An explosion at a Tennessee manufacturing facility has resulted in the death of one worker. Three more injured workers were able to escape without suffering life-threatening injury, and the rest of the employees escaped unharmed. The incident occurred approximately 55 miles outside of Nashville on a recent Wednesday. Authorities are still investigating the accident, trying to ascertain what happened.

Injured workers harmed by asbestos still a problem in the US

Many construction workers in Tennessee believe that asbestos dangers are a thing of the past. However, the United States continues to import approximately 1,160 tons of this cancer-causing substance into the country each year. Not only that, but an estimated 35 million buildings contain asbestos in the United States right now, and any employees in those buildings could be in danger of becoming injured workers with asbestos-related diseases

59-year-old pedestrian killed in tragic Tennessee car accident

A female Tennessee driver has been charged with killing another man in a brutal car accident. According o police, the woman killed the man while he was traveling by foot along a sidewalk close to his Memphis home. Further, police allege that the woman did not stop to tend to the man after the car accident, but rather she continued driving. In addition to hit-and-run charges, the woman must also face charges of vehicular homicide in court.

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