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September 2013 Archives

Truck accidents: 67-year-old killed, police suspect DUI a factor

Truck accidents are some of the most dangerous on Tennessee roads. Truck accidents involve the largest and heaviest vehicles on the road, sometimes they carry payloads of volatile and caustic chemicals, and when they involve a smaller vehicle the resulting death, injury and destruction can be heart wrenching. When alcohol is also brought into the mix, we have a recipe for disaster.

Tennessee car wrecks: Teenage pedestrian struck in a crosswalk

Drivers must be exceedingly careful to avoid hitting pedestrians while they are operating a motor vehicle. Pedestrians have the legal right-of-way in the state of Tennessee and drivers who do not respect the fact can be held accountable. For example, car wrecks involving pedestrians could happen after a driver fails to watch where he or she is going and/or fails to take care while approaching a crosswalk. Horrific accidents result from this kind of negligence and many Tennessee residents have suffered injury or death because of them.

Thief steals police car and kills one in Tennessee accident

An accident can happen when we least expect them to - at any time and in any place. Most Tennessee residents take care when they are driving on the road to avoid an unnecessary accident. However, some individuals are reckless, drive drunk, and commit traffic violations with zero regard for the safety of their fellow citizens. When someone is injured or killed due to another person's malfeasance and/or negligence that person (or his family members) can pursue a personal injury claim to seek justice.

Memphis, Tennessee drivers rank low at avoiding a car accident

Allstate Insurance Company recently published a report describing America's best drivers and where they live. However, Memphis, Tennessee does not appear to rank high on the list in terms of safe drivers. The company's study sought to rank each of America's 200 most populous cities to determine where a car accident is most likely to occur and which city has the best drivers.

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