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July 2013 Archives

Black boxes in cars could reveal fault in a car accident

When a car accident happens, authorities puzzle over the facts and details at the accident scene to try and piece together what happened. Eyewitnesses of a Tennessee car accident certainly help in the investigation process, but sometimes they provide conflicting accounts. This can be vexing for accident victims with claims against the party responsible because it makes it more difficult to prove what exactly occurred. Interestingly, one largely unknown piece of equipment contained in 96 percent of newly manufactured cars may be the answer.

Tennessee truck accidents: 1 dead, 3 injured in Claiborne County

Motor vehicle accidents, whether in Tennessee or elsewhere, can have devastating consequences. Speeding, drunk driving and distracted driving are all common factors that all too often lead to a tragic death or serious injury. This was unfortunately the case for a group of people involved in yet another of the fatal truck accidents that plague American roadways. This one occurred in Harrogate on a weekday afternoon in the middle of July.

Catastrophic injuries often fatal in Tennessee auto accidents

Tennessee readers likely know that auto accidents can happen anywhere, at any time and can involve drivers who are local or from out-of-town. Regardless, accidents caused on Tennessee roadways can be as devastating as anywhere else can. Far too often, are caused by negligence. Recently, an accident involving a semi-truck and a bicyclist has resulted in catastrophic injuries that turned tragically fatal.

Car accident leads to bystander being critically injured

A horrific crash in Clarksville has left one unfortunate bystander seriously injured according to local police. The Tennessee man had the poor luck of standing next to a gas pump when a vehicle crashed into the station, igniting the gas. The car accident is still under investigation by local authorities.

Tragic accident in Tennessee: 1 dead in car/motorcycle crash

Unfortunately, car accidents are a common event in Tennessee and throughout the United States. When the results of a car accident are fatal, emotions can become overwhelming. Most residents of Tennessee are aware that when the negligent acts of one motorist lead to the death of another, the law provides avenues of recourse for the surviving families of the deceased victims.

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