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Tennessee safety data reveals more fatal crashes in 2012

Tennessee officials in various counties compile reports of the previous year's fatal motor vehicle crashes. Such data, which typically includes descriptions of the circumstances surrounding each crash, can help the Tennessee Department of Safety and other local officials issue spot for dangerous road conditions or intersections. The data may also indicate trends in distracted or unsafe driving which may help lawmakers pass new laws to make the state's roads safer.

In the case of one Tennessee county, the recently released data indicates that there was a three-fold increase in the number of deadly crashes in 2012. One local patrol sergeant believes drunk driving and the failure to use safety restraints are two factors contributing to that increase. To help reduce this number, local authorities are already planning to target drivers not wearing their safety belts, and to continue enforcement efforts against drunk driving.

Tennessee law provides several sources of recovery for car and motorcycle accident victims and their families. When an accident is the fault of the other driver, the victim or family can bring a civil lawsuit to recover damages for loss of income, medical expenses, pain and suffering and other damages. In the case of a fatal accident, the state's wrongful death statute allows the family to sue not only for economic loss but for non-economic losses including care, comfort and companionship.

No family should have to face the painful and confusing aftermath of a car or motorcycle accident alone. An experienced personal injury attorney can help accident victims and their families negotiate the complexities of the law and hold negligent drivers accountable for their actions. An attorney can help survivors obtain the compensation they deserve.

Source: businessclarksville.com, "Stewart County fatal crash 2012 rates sees threefold increase," Jan. 13, 2013 

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